Friday, July 10, 2009

New York Skin Solution

Today went to Times Square with Qiao Hwa and the gang but without Sook Wah caz she went back earlier. They wanna get some presents for their friends. Before that, we went to Qian Wei house. I love her dog, damn cute. Sorry Qiao Hwa, im not purposely want to post the pic but i love the cute cute. after that i went to subway to rest with Sze Mun (my high school friend). we enjoy our conversation there.

AT night i do have an appointment with New York Skin Solution,Mid Vally. That day i sms for free trial. I thought really free but end up me and my bro paying RM90 per pax. Caz add those vitamin and duno what boost. haha but we do get one of the trial set. I think overall me and my bro is quite satisfice with it. It was a trial and cost RM90 with free trial set and skin scanning. The whole session include washing, mask, clearing the bacteria and stuff.


TiNG said...

u looked busy that day =)

Geraldine said...

which day ??